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A Sentimental Duty To Any Human With Goth Tendencies

Sensation, sensation! One of my all-time favorite bands will give a show in my town next year. The tickets are not quite cheap, of course, but when I read about it, I instantly knew that I HAVE to go, no matter the price, no matter the date.

It's kind of a sentimental duty to any human with goth tendencies. Like myself, many of the people going there or to other shows associate the sound of Robert Smith's unique voice and his disarmingly open-hearted, anti-cynical poetics with teenage hours full of celebrated sadness, self-and-world-doubts and (mostly unrequited) love. * sigh * Their music has accompanied my lonesome weirdo phases for so many years now. Songs like „Pictures of you“ and „Just like heaven“ still make me wanna shed a tear and sob a bit for lost loves. Others like „Primary“ or „A Forest“ still make me wanna backcomb my hair, smear some lipstick and dance around like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. (Yes, I'm an 80s cultist. Never mind.)

Cheesy but true: With The Cure, it is a love that never dies, and I am so looking forward to that show, although I know the danger of high expectations with the old heroes. Well, I don't care. We have our tickets, and it will be quite a task to wait for October 17th without grinning stupidly all the time when I hear them on the radio.

The Cure