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Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, & moms named Martha

Bad news first Lex Luther is not a twitchy "red cape circling" crap needs to stop! And I thought Gene Hackman was a poor choice too. The best I've seen the character portrayed by was by Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville but Jessie Eisenberg was a pure disappointment and not fitting to be Supermans greatest villan.
That aside I'm mostly satisfied with DC's Extended version of the comic based film! I was especially happy with Wonder Woman, seriously about time! Feminists Super Hero that guys and gals alike can look up to. And a flash of The Flash if only DC's TV and Movies were in the same Universe. Ben Afflec's Batman is the best since Michael Keaton. Older darker grittier. Then there's The Man of Steel Super Hunk Harry Cavill showing his struggle of keeping in touch with his humanity being an all powerful alien. Lastly Doomsday a villan to match Supermans strength and begin to unite the Justice League who looks like they may have their work cut out for them if The Joker can bust free the Suicide Squad and the like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, The Flash, and Cyborg will have their work cut out for them. For the love of the comic code can Warner Bros. please give us some Martian Manhunter!

Batman v Superman