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DC TV and Marvel Film

I'm a comic book fan, although my long box for Mavel filled up twice as fast than my long box for DC I'm actually not publisher biased. But the Marvel TV arena needs to be stepped up and the DC film world needs to catch up. Yes I am using this to air my complaints but I'd be glad to hear from any readers about agreeing or disagreeing on my views. For Marvel I think it's cool they are sticking to one multiverse across from film to tv but up until the shows on Netflix DAREDEVIL their TV game, while not bad per say, has been lacking in well known heroes although I hear Ghostrider will adorn agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. there really needs to be some big hero cameos and more of the people from the TV series in smaller rolls in the films, this was the thing I was hoping for when I found out that the TV and Film Universes were in fact connected. Marvel is doing pretty great as far as having quite a few films out there that keep decently congruent with eachother and that can be said about the TV side of things too. If you watch everything on a timeline you will get quite a full picture of who, what, when, where, how, and why. With a couple of small exceptions of their leased out characters Fantastic 4, Spider-Man (thankfully back on the docket), and the X-Men which they need to get on that! I mean who wouldn't want an Avengers vs X-Men run?
DC oh DC! Where have you been?!? I'm so glad you're finally answering our Bat signal! So the films have been few and far between until now although they are dishing out some hope and I got a big scoop of it on my plate. Wonder Woman the first female hero to get a stand alone film. She's the one who taught me some righteous feminism and left me still feeling secure in my manhood it's a good win on DC's part. Their TV sides been stepping it up a couple of years too they even got out from under their security blanket of the WB with the Super Girl series but I must keep in mind they are working from the MULTIVERSE a world with two Flashes?!? I dig Flash for bringing it together although he was spawned on Arrow he connected the series for me and even network jumping to bring Super Girl in the loop. Then there is Gotham which I love but it is kinda floating out there all by its lonesome but MULTIVERSE can happen and I just have to remember that. Man of steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squade have made a decent introduction to the Film side of the Multiverse just some small gripes there. Like too much backstory on Man of Steel and why'd you gotta cut Bat's v Sup in the theatrical? The extended version filled in some story gaps. I liked Suicide Squad and I hope they keep building on the villain side cause a hero is only as amazing as the villain is devious.
DC for the Win on TV and Marvel for the win on film! In my cup filled with anticipation there is some spoon fulls of hope as though they have already heard the plea's of the fans they appear to be stepping up their games on both sides.

Marvel vs DC vs TV vs Film