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Death to Bella & Edward! A top 5 of cool vampire movies.

For certain reasons that shall not be explained, I have no fear of vampires. Therefore, I do not know many good vampire movies within the horror genre. Nevertheless, vampires are cool and there are many good (not only creepy) movies on them – as some may have forgotten due to recent not-so-cool adaptions we all know about. So, let's just forget Bella and Edward and take a look at my completely subjective top 5 vampire movies to watch if you are interested in vampire life.

The Lost Boys (1987). "People are strange, when you're a stranger" – and so are the teenagers Sam and Michael, who move with their mother to a an eerie town somewhere in California, Santa Carla, or "murder city", as the locals name it. Why so, the two boys are soon to discover...
No, this movie won't give you the creeps, but its ironic humour, popcultural quotes and trashy details might put you in a good mood. It also has my favorite 80s douchebag impersonator Corey Feldman (yay!) as nerdy little videoshop-vampire-slayer and my favorite 80s bad boy, Kiefer Sutherland, as nasty vampire king David.
- Perfect sunday afternoon blood sucker entertainment while eating waffles.

Interview With The Vampire (1994). A modern classic many of you might know (and maybe kind of a gothic guilty pleasure, I know.), based on a novel by one of the most famous contemporary horror writers, Anne Rice. Neil Jordan adapted the first volume of the author's well-known Vampire Chronicles and garnished his melancholic epos with abundant sets, exquisite costumes and classy actors: Brad Pitt at the zenith of his long-haired sexiness, wandering through 200 years of European history, bowed down with grieve, as well as Tom Cruise, who gives the most authentic performance as evil head vampire Lestat, and then still young Kirsten Dunst in one of her first roles.
- Perfect sunday evening movie with 2-3 glasses of dark red wine.

Let The Right One In (2008). Coming of age romance meets vampire horror, white snow meets red blood, scandinavic social realism meets the dark & mystic – and it all fits well together. As often, the vampire protagonist evokes ambivalent feelings in us: Eli, looking just like a not-so-healthy, twelve-year-old girl, makes you shiver lurking on the snow-clad playground of a plattenbau somewhere in Stockholm, only in her light summer clothes. She horrifies you when breaking the neck of a sucked-out victim she ambushed under a lonely bridge. But we also sympathize with her, when we look into her pale and innocent face, seeing the affection for her human friend Oskar. And well, didn't many of us wish for a friend like her to support us against our schoolyard enemies?
- Perfect dark winter movie when in the mood for horror, friendship or revenge.

Nadja (1994). Another tale about a female vampire suffering from loneliness, with an extraordinary cool black-and-white look and soundtrack (Portishead, My Bloody Valentine). Obviously produced by David Lynch, it is by far the most stylish vampire movie I have ever watched. The scenes are all so well-arranged that you might feel the want to print them all and put them in expensive picture frames. The main character, played by Romanian actress Elina Löwensohn, might haunt your darker dreams for a while, and some funny moments (f.e. Peter Fonda as crazy Van Helsing) are also part of the package.
- Perfect movie to watch with your friends from art school.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013). At first sight, just a movie on a vampire couple suffering from the burden of ennui and eternity. But it also works as a meditation on love and relationships, slowly circling around the sentence of "Till Death do us part". The two eternal lovers are played by, kind of bewitching, Tom Hiddleston and, strangely-beautiful-as-ever, Tilda Swinton. Oh, and Mia "Alice in Wonderland" Wasikowska is nice, too. The three give magnetic performances as languid, sophisticated, well-educated bohemiens, torn between their consciousness and the irresistible lust for fresh blood. The feverish atmosphere is completed with a hypnotic soundtrack by Jozef Van Wissem. Jim Jarmusch at his best, but be warned: If you need some more action with your vampires, you might hate these lovers.
- Perfect movie if you wonder whether you believe in monogamy for life or not.

You might have noticed that the godfather of movie vampires, „Nosferatu“ (1922), is missing on that list. Let's just say, the legendary Murnau classic runs out of competition. However, I'm looking forward to your own top 5 or any re-comments on other good vampire movies.

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