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How we can support survivors of traumas on their healing journey.

Thank you to all the subscribers, readers and supporters so far & to the project team at Whicee for providing such an awesome platform! Looking forward to bringing more content to you all!

If you visit the TCP INC. website @ www.collectivephenomena.info you can find out a little about what we're about. Scroll for a bit- enter your email into the form and you'll receive a free eBook download of a poetry zine created by TCP INC's Director, Kelly.

Titled 'Dying: To Meet You', in your inbox will be '14 ‘coming of age' poems illuminating the dark feminine within- archetypal allegories in synchronistic prose’.

If you so choose you can create an account in the forum called "Time to Say" to share your suggestions, your story as it relates to the topics already mentioned, your feedback or to connect with like-minded, passionate individuals.

Available on the webpage is a direct link to the Twitter campaign- currently sharing reviews relating to Domestic Violence and Human Rights issues. This is intended to break the secrecy that surrounds these issues and encourage public debate. From this, we are able to take YOUR feedback through the appropriate channels, help you be heard and advocate for change.

Also, you can sign the petition for a Human Rights Act that will assist in stopping victims falling through the cracks in support, legal & protective services. This will be presented to a Human Rights Commission and to a District Court in Australia by the Director of the not-for-profit organization, TCP INC.

A testimonial about TCP INC. written by the websites developer - Robert @ White Wall Creative Web Services, says that 'The Collective Phenomena spawned from a pool of ideas where everyone’s input is
valued, considered and discussed to establish general consensus for action, with interdependent
communication and content.'

If you like the website, please look at the 'Ways to Support' page. There are 7 different ways you can help TCP INC. grow - depending on how you're able to contribute.

From a tweet to a petition signature, from the participation questionnaire to signing up to the e-mail list, to following on social media or posting on the forum, to purchasing a hard copy of a book or donating via PayPal or Bitcoin, there are heaps of ways you can make a difference.

Above all, the biggest difference we can all make is to ensure survivors of traumas know they are not alone, that they are not weird or unlovable, but that there are many ways in which we can support them on their healing journey.