Is Drake Best we Have? We Can Do Better.

Disclaimer: I love music as whole. I enjoy various different genres of music and I am as not close-minded about mainstream music as I used to be. I can appreciate some artists for what they are while others I just don't get. While picking bones with the "music establishment" is not something I normally do (I've already accepted that I'll never like it much, nor appreciate it), but I do have one burning question...How does anyone listen to Drake? Like honestly, Drake is just one artist I personally cannot get into. He sounds like a whiny teenager with a cold on every song and his lyrics are simplistic, not his own, and, more or less, terrible. He does not have the "sex appeal" of a Justin Bieber or the "street cred" of a Kendrick Lamar. I think of what comprises the modern mainstream artist (looks, vocal talent, instrumental talent, marketability, lyrics, rough background, etc.) and I can legitimately argue that he's not particularly good in any facet of popular music. I don't understand it and I don't think I ever will. Unless its incessant whining you're looking for, I can't find grasp the appeal of Drake.