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Lots of “Shazam-Moments”

There are two major purposes of DJ Sets. Originally, they were supposed to work on the dance floor in clubs. But since there are great platforms like Soundcloud, more and more people started listening to DJ mixes at home or on the go. Fortunately, everyday, there are DJ’s uploading new high quality sets; especially in the genres minimal, electro and deep house. Personally, I use deep house sets as background music every time I do work on my computer. The constantly floating beat and the lack of disturbing bass drops and vocals help me to focus on my work. However, in every good DJ-Set, there are certain parts that I like to call “Shazam Moments”. These happen, when the DJ fades in a track that immediately distracts you and suddenly makes you pay attention to the music again, no matter how deep you have been focusing on something else before. My natural reaction in these moments is to grab my cell phone and “Shazam” the song in order to download it for my own collection.

Normally, this happens to me once or twice during a set. I did not think that a set could only consist of brilliant, innovative and fascinating tracks. But then, recently, I discovered Atish Mehta, a San Francisco based DJ who completely changed my opinion on that. When I heard Atish’s recent Anjunadeep Edition mix, I “Shazamed” almost every song! I have never experienced a DJ that meets my taste in music so accurately. Atish uses a lot of local underground tunes and remixes. But he understands it perfectly and alternates them with classic Anjunadeep sounds from Europe. I would describe his style as pure and techy. His selected tracks spare distracting vocals and use creative, deep bass lines. At the peak time of his sets he tends to use epic, volumetric tracks and thus creates a unique, energetic atmosphere (Examples: “Martin Roth - Have You Ever” [Reference 2] or “Home & Garden - Domesticated (Pezzner Mix)” [Reference 3]). So far, I’ve heard 5-6 of Talish’s mixes on Soundcloud and every single one has been a piece of art!

Shazam, by the way, has mostly turned out to be the worst choice to find the track id’s in Talish’s sets. The app simply doesn't recognize most of the tunes. For me, this is actually a good indicator of quality, because it means that his tracks are really well selected and pretty much unknown. Yet, that often leaves you hopeless in finding the set’s track listing on the Internet without someone posting the track id in the comment section. I am looking forward to hearing about your ways to discover great music and to select the best tracks for your mixes and playlists. Send me your personal feedback or reply with your Comment.

DJ Atish Mehta, deep house, Shazam