More Austen, less trash

Maybe one of the sickest ideas in movie-mashup history: Jane Austens well-known classic, combined with the (still) omnipresent undead. And here's the surprise: The result is not as trashy as supposed. Instead, Austen's famous social novel is narrated in a quite traditional way – with the exception that England is not only haunted by the usual intriguing aristocrats, but also by a severe zombie plague.

To prevent the final apocalypse, some guys, such as the pretty and witty Bennet-sisters, were professionally trained in zombie-slaughtering (mostly Shaolin-style^^). The second eldest of the marriageable girls, Lizzy, is the most talented and reckless one. And there is the rich neighbor, Mr. Darcy, also a zombie-killer by profession. At a ball, the handsome, but condescending gentleman catches the eye of the zombie-slayer-lady. Of course, there are quite a few obstacles to overcome until they fall into each others arms – not only pride and prejudices, but also one or the other half-decomposed creature.

Although certainly not a masterpiece, director Burr Steers created a surprisingly nice piece of light entertainment, with eerie settings, good-looking undead and a most pleasant Mr. Darcy, played by my favorite Brit-beau Sam Riley („Control“). Just a little more of Austen's wit (and, yes, a bit more bloodshed, too...), and it would have been a really cool thing. Nevertheless, a nice little movie for people who like to try their Austen with a fresh taste of rotten flesh. But are there such people?

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies