Rosie Batty’s advice to Women living with violence

"You can't always trust the response from the people that you need to turn to [to] help you in a way that is non-judgmental," she said.

That is something I would very much like to change in the short term.

So your journey is as tough going through that process as it is for the abuse that you've been subjected to. And that has to change.

Stay safe- you deserve more- you deserve to live a life where you can wake up every day and not have to worry..." - Rosie Batty (Former Australian of the Year & Anti-Domestic Violence Campaigner)

The truth is, the process to recovery and moving forward is difficult in the short term. Sometimes it's almost even more difficult than bearing the abuse. By ensuring your safety, initiating dialogue, engaging with support services or trusted family/ friends and taking your process as far as you can you will be able to make long term changes to your life and maybe even the lives of others.

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