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The Joker question..

No, I wouldn't talk of disappointment. But the madness I hoped for goes a bit short in this anti-hero-adventure so many freaks have looked forward to. The whole thing is entertaining, of course, and yes, (esp.) guys, Margot Robbie looks gorgeous with smeared lipstick and manic grin. Her character also claims most space to unfold at least some of its sickness, while, unfortunately, the rest of the crazy bunch stays rather flat.

Personally, I painfully missed the gothic Gotham spirit I love so much about the Batman universe, and I also missed a bit more true anti & anarchy - in the story and also in (most of) the characters. On the whole, the things I liked most about this production were the great posters and GIFs I've seen before watching the movie - which might give an impression of the core qualities the neon-colored crowdpuller provides.

Now, let's talk about something more interesting than the rather conventional plot and production: The most controversial question in pre-premiere discussion was whether Jared Leto would do a good job as the Joker, btw. my alltime favorite comic character. Like Margot Robbie, he looks deliciously insane, but his relatively boring part in the simple story somehow kills the effect. Lacking presence and biographical depth, that new Joker has not much space to show the real wickedness I wanted to see.

Either way, Leto will definitely not become my favorite Joker. Sue me, but I was neither a huge fan of the much worshipped Heath Ledger in that role. There is nothing to criticize in his acting. But, well, call me an 80s style retard, but to me, Jack Nicholson will always be the one and only. Because it was his diabolic sneer which haunted my childhood nightmares for at least two years.

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