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The Truth about an Incredibly Bad Song

Since I saw someone publishing here in English, I decided to translate my last post so that people all over the world could learn the truth about this incredibly bad song... ;-)

Some people might ask why I am now complaining about a song that has been published more than 5 years ago. Well, from time to time it still happens that my favorite radio station needs to play that awful song and forces me to jump out of the shower to change the program immediately. I remember exactly how in 2011 “Yeah 3x” was announced for the first on the radio as “the new party track by US mega star Chris Brown”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Two years after brutally beating his former girlfriend Rihanna, the “mega star” celebrates an international comeback by singing stuff like “Throw away all your problems, 'cause right now it's party time … You like to drink? So do we. Get more bottles. Bring them to me …” an the videoclip shows him performing some “awesome” Karate moves. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Seriously... maybe even unlikable woman beaters have the right to carry out their former profession after getting an appropriate punishment. But why does the whole world suddenly hype this guy for an incredibly bad song with incredibly dumb lyrics? That’s still beyond me. The synth line was even stolen and poorly copied from Calvin Harris’ 2009 single “I’m not alone” [https://youtu.be/a8TPXFoXO5A?t=43s ]. After his complaints his name had to be added to the credits of “Yeah 3x”. I have this theory that because of that the Scottish Calvin Harris, who at that time was completely unknown in the US, suddenly realized that he just needed to hire some second-rate Pop or RnB acts to sing to his music and from that moment on only makes crappy EDM anymore. But that is a whole nother story and just another reason to loathe Chris Brown and Yeah 3x even more.

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x