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The web needs a culture of meaningful comments.

Comments are everywhere these days; no matter the website, you can leave a comment. Most especially for social networks, comments are one of the most important features. Beneath a Facebook post of Miley Cyrus, you can find hundreds of comments stack up in mere minutes. Most of these comments will consist of two to five words and serve no real purpose. Phrases like “lovely dress <3” or “OMG she’s wearing clothes… ” are posted repeatedly, and for some reason everyone feels the need to share these mindless thoughts with the entire world. Sadly, those who have more to say than “That’s AWESOME!” and “wtf??” have already lost the motivation to share their perspective, not mention even think to start a meaningful discussion on a common social media platform.
On the other hand, the question arises; who actually reads the comments of thousands of strangers on a photo of Miley and her tongue? I am willing to guess that not even Miss Cyrus herself is up for the task. It gets quite dull after reading 20 posts of the same kind. Every single day there are gigabytes of meaningless content generated on social networks just like with the Miley Cyrus example.
Needless to say, not all of these comments are always harmless. On many platforms the comment function turns into a medium to spread hate and discrimination against others. Youtube stars like Pew Die Pie have deactivated their comment functions long ago for these reasons. A culture of meaningful debates is practically nonexistent on the World Wide Web.
I think, that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute something meaningful about any topic without being exposed to haters and ignoramuses - and with knowing that their ideas will not fade away to be unnoticed in an endless sea of data. Therefore, I share my perspectives on whicee!

Why don’t you start to make your “comment” meaningful?