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"This way or no way, you know, I’ll be free"

My heart stopped for a moment when I read the news that Mr. Bowie has passed away. I believed in a hoax, but meanwhile his official twitter account confirmed the report. It is a sad day for music, for all of us who loved the man, the flamboyant musician. He always seemed to be more than a mortal being to me, and it is hard to realize that this vibrant cultural phenomenon has now vanished, just like all of us will do someday.

An incredible source of creativity and innovation has run dry. With "Blackstar", though, he left us a legacy that is even more worth to be heard now - as we can find traces of a final reflection, done by a man who might have known that it is time to recapitulate and communicate with us for the last time.

Watching the almost prophetic "Lazarus" video, published only a few days earlier, is kind of eerie today. There is too much sadness, but thankfully, we can be consoled by the new testament of this man who had influenced and challenged music and pop culture like no one else could ever do. And tonight is the right time to celebrate this legacy, to listen closely and remember. Goodbye, Ziggy Stardust. You'll be missed terribly.

David Bowie