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We All Deserve a Human Rights Act!

Australia is one of the only western democratic nations without a Human Rights Act.

Furthermore, while Australia has signed, and in some cases ratified, a number of international treaties and conventions that protect human rights, many of these conventions have not been implemented and are not legally binding for decision-makers.

Australians are lucky to live in one of the most prosperous, developed and civilised societies in the world. Despite this, we must not be complacent and there are, in fact, numerous human rights issues that require redress.

The first step in addressing these human rights issues is the introduction of a Human Rights Act that clearly sets out our fundamental human rights, guarantees that the government will respect those rights and allows for redress when our rights have been violated.

Click here to sign a petition for a Human Rights Act https://community.sumofus.org/petitions/human-rights-inquiry-1

If we had a Human Rights Act, parliament would be required to consider how laws impact on human rights and our politicians would need to respect human rights when developing policy. Courts would also have the ability to assess whether laws are compatible with our human rights standards.

Some of our rights are protected in law, but many – if not most – human rights are not adequately protected under our current system. When human rights are not protected in law, they are always in danger of being eroded.

A Human Rights Act would provide a safeguard so that our politicians can’t simply overlook human rights considerations when making laws. Human rights are only properly protected when we all can enjoy them – after all, human rights belong to everyone. By enshrining our rights in law, a Human Rights Act would help to make sure we all have a chance to live in fair, just and equal society. A Human Rights Act will provide a range of enforceable remedies if our human rights have been breached.

We call upon compulsory compliance for Government, Corporations and Individuals to uphold and maintain the Human Rights of all.

This petition will be advocated for, recommended to and delivered alongside an online submission to the Human Rights Commission Inquiry and in person at a Queensland District Court in 2016.