Weird tales: A completely subjective top 3

Like most horror nerds, I worship Lovecraft. I am not a Cthulhu-cultist, though, but I prefer the narratives with less Great Old Ones-presence that rather captivate by their atmosphere.
So here are my totally subjective top 3 of Lovecraft stories (order may vary depending on mood):

1. The Color Out Of Space. Who would have thought that a COLOR (and one that can not even be imagined!) might be that disturbing? Well no, it's not the mysterious substance that arises the cosmic horror. It is what that color DOES to all things living... Strange as hell and, yes, frightening, too.

2. The Dreams In The Witch House. Non-euclidian and weird. Also belongs to my favorites as it gave me some interesting dreams with a temperature of 40ºC. Plus, it has a creature named Brown Jenkin – some kind of rat manikin with a human face! Only Lovecraft could imagine and seriously fear such a thing and also dare to write about it!

3. The Thing On The Doorstep. „It is true that I have sent six bullets through the head of my best friend, and yet I hope to shew by this statement that I am not his murderer.“ One of the most legendary first Lovecraft sentences, and there are some. A showdown with an incredibly disgusting THING proves again, how well Lovecraft actually knew to describe the indescribable.

Looking forward to your re-comments!