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You're not wrong!

BUT... The build up with the Joker is going pretty good I think he's no Jack Nicholson though he definatly has his own twist on the character he is definatly in charge and they are only touching on the character I'm hoping they are raising him properly from Robin's costume hanging spray painted in the Batcave obviously the Jokers work in Batman V Superman to being an active partner to Harly Quinn in Suicide Squad. The Joker isn't a member of the Suicide Squad but I'm glad it's touching base on his connection with the villainous underworld.
For me Harley Quinn asked the right question to the right person "Are you the Devil" speaking to Amanda Waller who is THE MAN so to say and also the whole reason why there wasn't more mayhem. Cause a hero is only as good as their villan is villainous but Amanda Waller was our Anti-Hero she uses villains and blows desk jockeys brains out to stop the world from being destroyed and not get shut down because of her wicked methods. So now Bruce Wayne issues the warning to Amanda Waller to shut down the Suicide Squad or the Super Friends will do it for her letting us anticipate The Justice League.

Suicide Squad