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Becoming World-Class Filipinos

“Brothers, our greatest enemy is ourselves.” –General Antonio Luna (Filipino Hero)

Now how did this famous Filipino line come to reach Irishman, motivational speaker and author, Mike Grogan?

Mike was born to a family of Irish farmers. He graduated with a business degree and worked in his area of expertise: the Japanese system of Kaizen and lean management in business. This work in a large multinational company allowed him to travel and became his conduit for meeting different kinds of people.

Filipino OFWs are now scattered all around the world and it is in his treasure trove of life and work experiences that Mike meets them. Mike has traveled to thirty-nine countries and lived in six of them – and he noticed a trend. In so many of these countries, he met Filipinos; and to him, they stood out. “They’re different. There’s something unique about them that I didn’t see in the others.”

When he noticed the pattern that followed a series of positive experience with Filipino OFWs, he came to the Philippines to see if the trend held up. “That was two years ago, and now there’s no chance that I want to leave.”

“The Filipino makes me a better person.” This is something Mike says proudly – something shocking considering the vast majority of Filipinos dissatisfied with their country and their race.

This prevailing ‘self-deprecation’ of Filipinos in their own societies makes Mike and his team echo the statement of General Antonio Luna: the Filipinos’ worst enemy are themselves. Given his experiences, Mike and his team travel around the country reminding people of the greatness of the Filipino people.

“It’s like the story of the butterfly – it cannot see their own wings, nor how beautiful they are.”

Mary Gabaya and Kevin Romana join Mike in his talks. “They’re the heart of it,” he says, explaining that their stories are what people always find easy to relate to, and resound with a vast amount of fellow Filipinos. They spread the message that Filipinos can be world-class, held back only by their own self-limitations.

The team has delivered 62 talks on this issue in the 3 months since they’ve began, and aims to accomplish around 40 talks every month. Mike’s book “The Rise of the Pinoy” was published just this year. The first two chapters are available for free on his website: mikegrogan.ph.

At the moment, he is particularly interested in speaking to public schools and is offering free talks for them. Parties interested in inviting Mike and his team can contact their manager, Mary Gabaya at 639174941297 or e-mail her at mary@bestofyou.ph.

“I am convinced that we will see a First World Philippines in our lifetime.”

An Irishman is a believer; are you?

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