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Holding on to Justice

In case you didn't know, at the moment, the Philippines is at war.

No, not the kind of war that has tanks out in the streets, but the kind of war that is present in every country: the fight against drugs and murderers, against crime and corruption. There is frustration when it comes to law-enforcement, because cases sometimes take forever, or criminals find ways to buy themselves out of their crimes. Still, this does not justify people taking the law into their own hands.

This was an excerpt from a friend's sad story :

"I knew Mel as a good guy, loved by his kids and by our neighbors, and finding out that he was a drug addict has not changed my opinion of him, though now I wish I could've helped some way.
A bit late for that, I think.

This morning, my neighbor Mel was shot in the head three houses away from where I stay. According to rumors, someone tipped the police about his addiction, and an anonymous hitman was sent to off him.
Now drugs are bad, sure, and maybe the police think themselves heroes for what they did, but Mel wasn't even given a chance to atone for what he'd done. The man with the gun was his judge and jury, and the bullet to his head was his sentence.

The country was rid of a drug addict today, and what was lost with him was the music of a neighborhood, the irreplaceable love of a father, and a the company of a friend.
There is no justice."

Let's not take justice in our own hands, lest the world be flung into chaos.

Justice will come in due time. Let us not lose hope.

Justice, Filipinos