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My Big Bass Top 3

I’ve always been told that basslines in deep house should be simple, dry and roaring. However, there are some exceptions: Songs where the bass is enriched with plenty of hall or delay effects and thereby create a whole different atmosphere. Today, I would like to present my top 3 of these Big Bass tunes (if this isn’t an actual term, I am now introducing it :D )

Martin Roth - Beautiful Life (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYB0FIZe2Yw)

The song by Anjunadeep producer Martin Roth is probably the most famous of them all. It’s been played by Alle Farben, Robin Schulz and many more in various sets. The bass uses both a hall and delay effect, which makes the whole track extremely dark and volumetric. It is the only song in my list that uses vocals. Nothing more than a repeated female voice singing “Beautiful Life”, which gently supports the melody rather than distracting from it. The strings introduced at around the 4 min mark use a lot of decay and build up to a fantastic climax. All in all, this song is a real deep house anthem.

Chaim - We Are (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfg2cbo-o6c)

The mood of this song is more happy and energetic. It has an impelling beat and a wet, static bassline. It only alternates from its basic tone a few times during the song, which creates a great rising tension before the bass drops again. My highlight of the song is the arpeggio introduced at 3:45. Absolutely awesome!

Safe World - You Can You Will (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttAxol35XeU)

This is probably the most experimental of all the songs. Not only does it use this extremely reverberating bass but also introduces some other elements which are quite unusual in classic deep house. The beginning is dominated by prominent percussion elements such as congas, dry snares and rimshots. The bass, synths and pads introduced later, however, are massive and extensive – a unique combination that I haven’t heard in any other song so far. The full craziness is revealed at min 4, where an almost ridiculously simple mono synth-line is introduced; simply crazy, but simply great! By far the most interesting track in my top 3.

Do you know any other great “Big Bass”-Deep House tunes? What’s your top list? I would be happy if you let me know in a private feedback or re-comment.

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