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Quit whining about the iPhone 7's lack of an audio jack - that's not its downfall

When the iPhone 7 came out, instantly it was blasted all over the internet for not having the headphone jack. The memes came out. 9Gag wouldn't shut up about it. Haters everywhere. What people don't realize is Apple is doing what it's always done. Apple's big mistake, however, was not by taking away the jack but 1) Removing it at the wrong time and 2) Failing to really make a significant hardware difference between the 6S and the 7.

Apple always used to be one step ahead of the game. I think that’s why I used to really admire them as a company and have been a loyal mac user since the 3rd grade. When I first got my iBook, I was the only one who had a CD burner. It was even hard to find blank CDs to burn things on at the time. I was a little annoyed because I was exclusively saving my grade school assignments with ClipArt on the very popular floppy disks that I loved to decorate with stickers. Fast forward to 5th grade and everyone was buying external CD burners and looking for blank CD’s while I was ahead of the game with it built right into my laptop. Fast forward a few years when I purchased my Macbook Air. Gone was that once-advanced CD-drive. People made comments as well saying it took away from the functionality. But guess what? Since getting my mac air, I only needed to use a CD once and I could quickly run to a library to handle it.

That’s where the timing of the removal of the jack is off. Yes, everyone knows the time of wires is quickly ending. Soon everybody will be wearing bluetooth headphones and wanting a headphone jack would be as obsolete as wanting a floppy disk drive in a computer. Unfortunately, Apple did this change a year too early. For high quality headphones, the best are still with wires.

There is even a conspiracy theory that there won’t be an iPhone 7S next year but a completely revolutionized iPhone 8 thanks to it being the 10 year anniversary since the iPhone came out. If that’s the case, that would have been the best time to remove the jack then.

When looking at the comparisons of the specs between the 6S and the 7, one really feels as if this phone is the 6S…S, not the next one in the series. Aside from the basic making it lighter and faster (which is the bare minimum let’s be real), not really much has changed. Sure, it’s water resistant but Apple was behind the game on that feature. The camera is only slightly better too. If they were going to do little changes to this phone to save up for the big release next year (again, big conspiracy theory here), then perhaps they really should have called this something else other than the 7.

If the iPhone 7 was really that revolutionary, I’m sure people might have looked past the jack being taken away. It was a natural response for people to hate on it. All they can see is reduced functionality.

So haters, hate on the timing of the removal of the jack. Hate on the unimpressive hardware. But don't hate on the lack of the audio jack. Besides, despite all of you, we know that whatever Apple releases, they can count on the Apple sheep to buy buy buy.