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Acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free.

Today has been song-filled for me, and I bet I’m not the only one who gets advice from song lyrics, hahaha!

Getting over a break up with your best friend is pretty hard – I mean, the friendship was there way before the attraction after all, and the mutual priority to save the friendship is amazing, but finding a middle ground is a struggle.

It’s funny how it’s come full circle for me. I realize I was there two years ago, only not on the receiving end. It’s funny to hear very similar words you once said on someone else.

“I need space. I need to find what I want. I want to explore life, uninhibited by a relationship.” Even if I feel the theme song for the relationship right now is “Just Give Me A Reason”, that’s enough of one. Honestly, I don’t think this relationship is all broken, it’s still only bent, but when the other doesn’t want it to spring back, it will just stay that way.

I’m just glad that I’ve come to accept that the magic was great while it lasted, and even if I still feel the tingles of pixie dust, I want my friend to grow and explore – I don’t want to drag anyone down.

Part of me hopes that one day, he’ll come home to me. That at the end of this journey, we will find each other again. Still, at the same time, I won’t stop my own journey. I’m in no hurry to find someone else, because he will still hold a special place in my heart, but I won’t spend my days hung up over someone who is going “exploring”. I know my tale doesn’t end here. There is so much more of my story to tell, so many more things to ramble on about!

Write you all in the next chapter of my story.😉

Moving on, Relationships