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'whataboutism' &'tragedy hipster' in the aftermath of the Paris attacks- a double moral is not existing only moral snobs

In the last days a lot of ‚what about xxx‘-posts occured in my Facebook timeline. It seems to me people are starting to compare and make a competition about horryfing attacks. Even it seems there are some tragic hypsters out there. What is happening in our world, if people start to make competition and comparisons between horrifing tragedies, where innocent people got killed?

If people put a french flagg on their profile pic or share articles and comments, let them. You can also remember other (sadly there are too many) tragedies for sure, it’s important. We have to think about the people and the families who lost their loved ones in other attacks and wars, but not during or because of another catastrophy and with a comparison!

There are sadly too many tragedies. Attacks in Ankara, Tunisia, Beirut, Bagdad, Istanbul, Kenya, Bangkok, Danmark, Sinai/Egypt, wars in Syria, Afganistan, Palestina, Israel and Irak, where people die every day. The list is sadly endless. It should generally be thought about all the people who suffer. The thought behind it, is what is counting for the freedom of our world.

But is it necessary to judge and even degrate people who might suffer from the news of the attacks in Paris? It's not up to you to have an opinion about people's feelings and to judge about them. People should be permitted to grieve and suffer without being redirected or corrected.

If you want to complain and question, do it to the media coverage, do it to the politics, but not to people.
If they are posting about happy events, you never start to complain or compare. But, honestly, in times, where our world is shaken by tragic terror attacks, this is the wrong way. Stand up for peace, charity and humaity and pray for all the people in the world who have lost loved ones in terror attacks and wars.
You never know how people are personally involved or how the news affected them. So you cannot judge about people doing comments and changing there profile pics.

Actually I would like to end this post, but I am going to add one more maybe controversial thing:
As I said that, you never know about the personal involvments of people, so don‘t judge about them. If they are shaken about the events in Paris, because they live close to France (or as well not) the probabilty to feel more compliance is just the human nature. If something like that happens on your door step, and in a country which is economically and poltically stable, 3500 km from the war zone, you realize that it can happen anywhere and to anyone. This is about illusion of safety and expections for the future. As a result it seems that people take ‚more‘ condolence. Even if it’s sad for other people. For many people in Europe, Paris is a place they have been to or they know people in or have personal connections. That might be weird, but it‘s natural that the human mind selects and strives for self-interest, and lately care most about those more likely to affect us personally. Is nothing you have to be ashamed of to not become emotionally invested in each and every tragedy that occurs every day. ‚Everyone has bias about, which acts of violence and tragedy move us and which we let pass by‘ (by @James Lartey, Twitter).

We could definately discuss if it’s the right way, that and especially how nations (here I especially refer to the media and politics) all over the world felt sympathy with France, but not in the same way when it happend to other countries. But if we discuss about this, what is more or less cruel or even the amount of death people (difficult to even think about it for one second), what world we live in? Shouldn’t we better stand together, united against terrorism, wars and crimes against humanity?